POLICYmonitor CQS CPMS Updates

Helping Law firms prevent CQS Policy Degradation

Helping Law firms prevent CQS Policy Degradation

How often does your firm update their CQS (CPMS) Policies? Are you aware of what other law firms are including within their policies? Do you find yourself spending significant amounts of time drafting bespoke paragraphs for your CQS Policies?

Your CQS accreditation requires you to  regularly update your policies because CQS recognise that polices can quickly become outdated. Practice Standard 3.3c requires a firm have a procedure for review of each plan, policy and procedure that is contained in the CPMS

With Lexsure’s  CQS Policy Update Service you can receive updates about the latest and relevant paragraphs for you to consider including in your CQS policies . Typically, we send out a monthly notification listing the top five new paragraphs drafted in the previous month.

Updating your CQS policies is particularly important at a time given the constantly moving landscape when it comes to risk management in conveyancing. Furthermore, monthly notifications will assist in complying with your obligation to monitor your policies. 

This service is only applicable to CQS accredited law firms in England and Wales.