CQS (CPMS) Stamp Duty Land Tax Policy

Updated: 2024-02-12
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The recent update to the CQS Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS) requires CQS firms to have a policy in place in relation to Stamp Duty Land Tax (s5.15).

Policy documents can be time-consuming and difficult to prepare without a Policy Template as a starting point.

Lexsure’s COMPLETIONmonitor team have drafted a set of policy templates designed to make it simpler for conveyancing firms to meet their compliance obligations.

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Policy Template includes reference to:

  • SDLT Calculations
  • Pre-exchange Checking
  • Post-completion Checking
  • Auditing SDLT calculation and advice

...as well as other formalities and general obligations as required under 5.15 of the CPMS.


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Associated Policies
1. SDLT calculations
2. Pre-exchange checking
3. Post-completion Checking
4. SDLT - Anti Avoidance
5. Situations to Look Out For
6. Post-Completion Stamp Duty Questions and Alerts
7. Anti-Avoidance
8. Deferred Consideration Question Set Matrix