CQS (CPMS) Learning and Development Policy

Updated: 2024-02-12
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The recent update to the Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS) requires CQS firms to have a policy in place in relation to learning and development (s4.1).

Policy documents can be time-consuming and difficult to prepare.

The Learning and Development Policy includes reference to:

  • Evaluation of training
  • Learning and development plans
  • Performance appraisal process
  • Equal opportunities

...as well as other formalities and general obligations as required under 4.1 of the CPMS.

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Associated Policies
1. Aims
2. Equal opportunities
3. Responsibilities
4. Performance appraisal process
5. Induction
6. Learning and Development Plans
7. Training Activities
7.1 Learning and development records
7.2 Conveyancing quality scheme training policy
9. Lexsure services - identification of training requirements
10. Solutions
11. Making Adjustments to Suit Your Needs