CQS (CPMS) Business Continuity Plan

Updated: 2024-02-12
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The recent update to the Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS) requires CQS firms to have a policy in place in relation to business continuity (s1.2).

Policy documents can be time-consuming and difficult to prepare.

The Business Continuity Plan includes reference to:

  • Business interruption risks and risk reduction
  • Discharging the Business Continuity Plan
  • Management and strategy
  • Premises and equipment damage assessment

...as well as other formalities and general obligations as required under 1.2 of the CPMS.

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Associated Policies
1. Purpose and objectives
2. The need for a Business Continuity Plan
3. Definitions
4. Responsibilities
4.1 Business Continuity Manager (BCM)
4.2 Business Continuity Team (BCT)
5. Premises disruptions
6. Business interruption risks and risk reduction
7. Invoking the Business Continuity Plan
8. Discharging the Business Continuity Plan
8.1 Health, safety and protection of staff
8.2 Communication with staff
8.3 Reorganisation and relocation of staff
8.4 Handling external enquiries
8.5 Staff remuneration, recompense and reward
9. Management and strategy
9.1 Structure and meeting management
9.2 Impact assessment and operational direction
10. Finance and working capital
10.1 Insurance claim management
10.2 Maintenance of financial control
11. Premises and equipment damage assessment
11.1 Reorganisation and relocation requirements
11.2 Equipment restoration
11.4 Securing the original premises
11.5 Files
Returning to Reinstated Premises
12. IT and communications
13. Suppliers
14. Clients
15. Emergency response checklist
16. Actions and Expenses Log
17. Key suppliers
18. Key clients
19. Emergency services
20. Evacuation plan
21. Communications
22. Testing
Appendix 1: Emergency Response Checklist
Appendix 2: Actions and Expenses Log
Appendix 3: Key Supplier Contact Details